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Country Studies

A study, acting as baseline document of the project, is prepared for each participating Mediterranean partner country in 2003. The objective of the studies is to analyse the present state of water and wastewater management and reuse in each country. Therefore relevant data are collected in different fields, such as

  • national institutions, policies, guidelines and standards in the water sector
  • situation of the water resources (quantity, quality, demand, consumption)
  • rural and urban water distribution systems
  • wastewater quantity and composition, and disposal systems
  • status of wastewater treatment and reuse, existing wastewater treatment facilities

The studies provide an insight into the situation of the water sector in the Mediterranean partner countries. An overview about possible partners and contact persons in the countries is gained. By collecting information on similar projects that have been or are being implemented in the region, synergies are being created.


After finalizing and comparing the different studies of the countries, solutions for waste water treatment, particularly with regards to its reuse, wastewater treatment and reuse standards and human resources development based on the local experience will be suggested. Information sharing, technology transfer and the regional exchange of best practices will be facilitated.


The results of the country studies will provide the basis for all further activities within the project, like the development and construction of pilot plants, the formulation of wastewater treatment and reuse guidelines and the implementation of different training programs.

  • Country study:  Turkey         (pdf-file 942 kb)
  • Country study:  Lebanon      (pdf-file 1.092 kb)
  • Country study:  Jordan         (pdf-file 756 kb)
  • Country study:  Palestine      (pdf-file 1.031 kb)

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