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5th Web Based Training
10 April to 6 June 2007


This Web Based Training offers an advanced course for professionals in wastewater management, treatment and reuse preferably from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey



  • to refresh the participants´ knowledge about wastewater engineering
  • to give solutions for decentralised wastewater treatment plants
  • to teach new appropriate technologies focussed on sustainability and water reuse in rural areas
  • to improve know-how transfer


Elements and characteristics of the e-learning course:
Web intensive course with mainly asynchronous work, online forum and online moderated expert chats


40 hours during 8 weeks




Required means for joining the course:
Internet access (at least 2h/week), computer equipment, pdf Reader, Java


Requirements for getting a certificate:
Active participation in forum and chats and passing the multiple choice tests


Content, Exercises and Case studies in the following topics:
Module A: Wastewater Characteristics and Hygienic Aspects
Module B: Decentralised and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
Module C: Operation and Maintenance of Small Wastewater Treatment Plants
Module D: Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse


More Information and Schedule
You can get more information on the course and schedule by downloading the following document:
Schedule WBT 5 (pdf, 68 KB)


Deadline for application is 31 March 2007


Application and Registration: Candidates applying for this course are requested to submit

  1. a self written abstract "Considering Wastewater Concepts within Increasing Population in my Country" (approx. 2 pages as pdf-document)
  2. a short CV showing their experience in the related field
  3. the completed application form (downloadable here)

You can get more information from:

Claudia Wendland
e-learning program manager
Hamburg University of Technology

Dr. Ismail Al Baz
Project director
InWEnt, Amman, Jordan


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This project is funded by the European Union
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