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Pilot Plants

The EMWater Pilot Plants have been designed to apply suitable low-cost technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse in local context, for both demonstration and training purposes. The plants have been designed for an average 10 m3/d flow rate. They will be realised into university campus or into existing full-scale WWTPs areas, providing the connection to existing sewer networks. In such a way, a real wastewater feeding is allowed and the final disposal shall be made easier.


Treatment technologies of the pilot plants have been selected so as to allow compliance with local legislation on wastewater reuse in each of the beneficiary countries and to make the operation and maintenance easier. According to such aim, simple and well-consolidated technologies shall be applied, such as: two stage anaerobic and aerobic treatment (UASB + Constructed Wetlands or ABR + RBCs) respectively for Turkey and Palestine; aerobic treatments (extended aeration and contact-stabilisation) shall be realised in Jordan and Lebanon. In all cases, tertiary treatments will by provided by filtration and disinfection (UV or Chlorination). Different treatment schemes will be compared according to their results after a significant working period.


The pilot plants have been tendered according to EU procedures and have all been awarded to local companies except for the plant to be built in Turkey. The expected duration of the construction phase is 6 months.


  • Pilot Plant: Turkey         in process ...
  • Pilot Plant: Lebanon      in process ...
  • Pilot Plant: Jordan         in process ...
  • Pilot Plant: Palestine      in process ...

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