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4th Regional Training Course in Bologna, Italy
10 to 22 June 2007


This Training offers an advanced course for professionals in wastewater management and treatment from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey.



  • To improve know-how transfer
  • To approach low-cost and easy-to-manage technologies from a theoretical and practical point of view
  • To train WWTPs operation and management, with focus on strategy planning and trouble shooting


Characteristics of the training course:
  • 3 days (lectures + lab activity)
    lectures focused on aerobic and anaerobic processes, appropriate treatments for small communities, design of WWTPs;
    lab activities related to the management of labscale reactors aimed to the evaluation of biodegradability of different substrates, and the evaluation of wastewater toxicity and nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria activity.
  • 4 days (practical training)
    training performed by HERA S.p.a. (local public utility) focused on representative small WWTPs, their operation and management.
  • 3 days (lectures + lab activity)
    field trips (1 day each) to municipal WWTP treating municipal/industrial wastewater based on non-conventional technologies (MBRs, SBRs).


Maximal number of participants:


Required means for joining the course:
Professional experiences in the field of operation & maintenance of wastewater collection or treatment and very good command of English


Deadline for application is 15 February 2006


Application and Registration: Candidates applying for this course are requested to submit

  1. a short CV showing their experience in the related field (operation & maintenance of either wastewater treatment or sewerage system) and
  2. the completed application form (downloadable here)

You can get more information from:

Dr. Roberto Farina
Project manager

Dr. Ismail Al Baz
Project director
InWEnt, Amman, Jordan


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