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The Partners



Responsibilities of Partners

The responsibilities of the European partners are to work jointly with the Mediterranean partners to achieve the objectives of this project. These are know-how transfer of water especially wastewater treatment and reuse, to strengthen the capacity building, to assist the partner countries in the design and the construction of pilot plants for research and demonstration purposes and in the elaboration of policy guidelines.


The responsibilities of the Mediterranean partner countries are the implementation of the results of the project and the transfer into actions as part of their water policies and strategies.


To fulfil their responsibilities the partners have set up the following groups for this project:


Responsibilities of European partners


The European Partners (InWEnt, ENEA, TUHH-Hamburg, Adelphi Research) will assist the Mediterranean partner countries by implementing the project of integrated wastewater management and reuse.


InWEnt as an international foundation for training and human resources development is the leading institution and contributes with its strong experience in human resources development by designing and implementing training programs throughout the world, with a special focus on computer based training programs. Additionally InWEnt is responsible for the over all management of the project.


ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment, is assisting the Al al-Bayt University in Jordan and the Birzeit University in Palestine in implementing the project.


The Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, a young applied science university highly regarded in Germany for the inter-disciplinary and industrial orientation of its research, is working closely together with the Yildiz Technical University of Istanbul in Turkey.


Adelphi Research, a non profit research organisation in environmental policy and technology transfer, acts as adviser for the Mediterranean partner countries, especially for the University of Balamand in Lebanon.



Responsibilities of Mediterranean partners


All partners in the Mediterranean partner countries are well established scientific institutions with experience in water related issues. Their responsibilities within their own countries will be the collection and evaluation of relevant data on water topics, the dialogue with the local authorities and other stakeholders, the organization of the implementation of planned measures, general dissemination and follow-up activities.


Project management team


A project management team is located in each partner country. The main tasks of the project management team are to plan, to build up, to implement and to monitor all local actions, which include the installation of local management and steering teams in each of the Mediterranean partner countries. The Lead office is located in Amman, Jordan.


Local steering committees


In each of the Mediterranean partner countries an external Advisory Committee (local steering committee) composed of representatives of stakeholders from local institutions, NGOs, users and consumer associations, women and environmental protection organisations and water authorities assists the local project co-ordinator in all aspects of the project to achieve the optimal results.


Regional steering committee


A regional steering committee composed of representatives from the local steering committees assists the Project Director by monitoring the entire project at a regional level.


This committee, meeting twice a year, guides and monitors the project and the evaluation process. Detached from the day-to-day details of the project, the committee can ask evaluative questions about project direction and methods, review operational data collected by the participants, suggest modifications to project direction and provide an evaluative commentary on the final report.


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This project is funded by the European Union
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